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Our Vision

We, Truong Law Firm, strive to be a preeminent company, by remaining committed to providing our clients with highly qualified, ethical legal representation at a reasonable fee. We are results-focused, committed to achieving our goals with creative thinking, systematic innovation and global service delivery to add value to businesses and corporations. The team strives to meet your expectations in every aspect of the service by:

  •  Always promptly respond to customer needs;
  •  Always manage customer issues in a timely and proactive manner;
  •  Always communicate regularly and clearly with customers;
  •  Always looking for ways to achieve the wishes of the customer.

Our Attenory


As the Company’s manager and attorney, John focuses his expertise on helping individuals with immigration, business and real estate matters. He studied and earned a bachelor’s degree in economics from the University of Houston, followed by a master’s degree in accounting with honors.

John then went on to earn a Doctor of Jurisprudence and graduated with honors from the Thurgood Marshall School.

In addition to professional development, John is a regular volunteer member as a free volunteering attorney at the Houston social center, helping disadvantaged individuals with legal problems.

Prior to obtaining his Law License, John worked at Ernst & Young, one of the companies that audited the financial statements of publicly traded multinational corporations. Prior to joining Ernst & Young, John served in the United States Army as a health professional, for which he was awarded a US Army medal.

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