Đầu tư nhập cư EB5 và những điều cần lưu ý cho các nhà đầu tư.

EB5 immigration investment and things to note for investors

EB5 immigration investment brings attractive benefits and opportunities for investors who intend to invest in projects in the US. Find out more through the article below.

EB5 immigration investment – an opportunity not to be missed when you want to immigrate to the US. 

EB5 investment has always been the most attractive US immigration program for investors. The EB5 immigration stream helps investors and their families enjoy the same benefits as locals. Along with simple conditions, EB5 is always the first choice of investors. However, you still need to pay attention and learn carefully before investing in EB5 successfully. Follow the following article to understand the information about EB5.


What is EB5 Investment Settlement?

EB5 is a program for foreign investors to invest in US businesses and growing projects to create jobs for US citizens. There are two types of investment of EB5 visa including:

  • Direct investment: Investor opens a new branch or buys a business; while creating at least 10 full-time jobs.
  • Indirect Investment: Invest in a project of Regional Centers.

VisaEB5 Immigrant Investor

Conditions to apply for an EB5 immigrant investor visa

To be able to apply for an EB5 immigrant investor visa, investors need to meet two main conditions:

  • The investment amount is 500,000 to 1,000,000 USD. US Dollars: Applicants must be able to demonstrate that they have been and are in the process of making an investment. The amount of investment will correspond to where the investment is large or small.
  • Create 10 new full-time jobs. Applicants are required to demonstrate that this investment will create 10 new full-time jobs for Americans.

Conditionsfor investment to settle EB5

Benefits of having an EB5 immigrant investor visa Immigrant

investment can bring some attractive benefits to investors such as:

  • When you can successfully apply for an immigrant investor visa Investors and their families can enjoy some attractive benefits.
  • Can be issued a green card for the whole family, enjoy the full benefits as a US citizen. After 5 years, you can apply for US citizenship.
  • No business experience or educational qualifications are required.
  • There are wide business opportunities in both the US and Vietnam markets. 

EB5 Immigrant Investment Benefits

Notes when applying for an EB5 Immigrant Investor Visa

Great benefits and incentives have brought attractive opportunities for investors in Vietnam, but to be able to apply for an investment visa Favorable EB5 settlement should note the following

Learn about project information

Any project wants to attract foreign investment but it is not always 100% reputable, along with large investment costs. Therefore, investors need to learn about the project before investing. All projects need to be safe, legal and affordable.

Understand the financial conditions and capital structure of EB5 projects

Investors need to understand thestructures mobilization capital of EB5 projects andensure that their investment funds are legitimate through business, investment, … All to ensure the most convenient and safe investment process.

Estimating investment costs 

Except for investment costs in EB5 projects, investors need to prepare other expenses such as project management fees and service fees. Investors need to estimate the costs incurred to avoid unfortunate circumstances affecting the investment project.

the right

track and successfully invest in a reasonable EB5 project, investors need to carefully research and choose a reputable and experienced unit in the field. immigration and naturalization. This is a key issue, decisive for success, helping investors to minimize risks and costs in the investment process.


The above has summarized the basic information about EB5 immigration investment and certain notes when applying for an visaimmigrant. Hopefully, the article has provided you with the necessary information about EB5 immigration investment. Thank you for your follow and trust!

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