Immigrant investment and things to note for investors

Investor visa in the US should choose EB5 or L1/EB1C visa? 

Program Investor Immigration is created by a country’s government to attract entrepreneurs to developing economic regions. The US immigration program by investment attracts many investors from Vietnam as well as Asian countries. When immigrating to the US as an entrepreneur, investors will be able to refer to two types of visas EB5 and L1/EB1C. Please continue to follow the article to learn about these two types of visa. 


Conditions to participate in the investment settlement in the US 

Depending on the policies of each country, the conditions for immigrating to the investment class will be different. The conditions to be considered are usually based on financial proof, investment capital, knowledge and education, foreign language, business experience, etc. In which, the most important

criteria of the first-class immigrationfinance is about. In addition to proving the financial level as prescribed, the investor must also prove the legitimacy of the investment capital and capital flow. 

Immigrant investor in the US


What is an EB5 investment visa? 

EB5 is a program for foreign investors to invest in US businesses and growing projects to create jobs for US citizens. 

Two investment forms of EB5 visa include:

  • Direct investment: Investor opens a new branch or acquires a business establishment; while creating at least 10 full-time jobs.
  • Indirect Investment: Invest in a project of Regional Centers.


What is an L1/EB1C Investment Immigrant Visa? 

The subjects of the L1 visa program are businessmen, senior managers who already have a branch in the US and have a need to come to the US to continue doing business. 

There are two forms of L1 visa:

  • L1-A for senior managers/executives, moving to a branch in the US or to open a new office.
  • L1-B is for highly qualified professionals transferred to the US branch.

L1 visa is a temporary residence visa that only allows you to live and work until the visa expires. To receive an immigrant green card, you need to continue to convert to an EB1C visa after at least 1 year of working in the US. 


Similarities and differences between the two types of visa L1/EB1C and EB5 

The basic common points of the two types of immigrant visa L1/EB1C and EB5 include:

  • The purpose is to attract investment capital for companies and projects. The project is developing in the US, creating more jobs for US citizens.
  • When granted a visa, it will allow the whole family to immigrate to the US, including: visa holder, spouse and unmarried children under 21 years of age. kiss. 
  • Family is provided with insurance, social security number and benefits like US citizens 

Immigrant plan of investor with family

Highlights difference between the two programs:

  • EB5 visa is an immigrant visa; L1 visa is a temporary resident visa, in order to be granted a green card, you need to apply for an EB1C visa.
  • Regarding financial proof, L1 visa is not required and EB5 visa is required.
  • The L1 visa requires the Vietnamese investor’s company to have an association with the US company and the guarantee of the US company. Besides, it is also required that the visa applicant has worked at a Vietnamese company for more than 1 year. For EB5 visas these items are not required. 
  • The L1 visa has a processing time of 6 months, while the EB5 visa is from 2 to 3 years. 


How to choose the right investment visa? 

Depending on the needs of each family, investors can choose the right direction to meet the purpose of settling in the US as desired.


will be suitable for the following cases:

  • Need to go to the US as soon as possible because this type of visa has the fastest processing time. Investors can still apply for an immigrant visa after that. 
  • Expansion of existing business in the US.

The EB5 visa will be suitable for the following cases: 

  • The investor does not have a company in the US. 
  • Prepared a settlement plan for the family several years in advance.
  • Get a return on your investment. 



The above is the basic information and comparison about the two types of immigrant L1/EB1C and EB5 in the US. Hope the above information has helped you in your journey to learn about immigrating to the US. Thank you very much for your follow up!

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