Apply for US citizenship for children in Vietnam

Apply for US citizenship for children in Vietnam

Procedures for naturalization of the US for children is to make a consular birth certificate abroad (CRBA) and make a US passport. Consular birth certificate CRBA or also known as birth certificate for children of US citizens born abroad, FS-240. The FS-240 is used in the same way as the birth certificate of a child born in the United States.

Steps to apply for naturalization for your child:

  • Prepare documents
  • Make an appointment at the US Consulate/Ambassador
  • Interview at the US Consulate/Ambassador

Documents required for naturalization procedures for children:

  • Child’s birth certificate issued by a Vietnamese competent authority
  • Completed birth registration form DS-2029 unsigned (parents have cash), signed and authenticated signatures (father, mother, absentee).
  • Proof of US citizenship such as passports, citizenship certificates, etc.
  • Certificate of marriage, divorce, death certificate (if any).
  • Proof that parents are present in the US. For example: social security declarations, academic transcripts, etc.
  • Proof that parents are present at the same location.
  • Proof of the baby’s birth, birth certificate.

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