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• When investing in business abroad, the US is a country that we cannot ignore. With a modern developed economy, where there is rich potential, the US is very suitable to establish a business, but certainly You will have many problems with the procedure of setting up a business.

• Whether you establish a business in Vietnam or any other country, you must follow certain procedures of that country and the US is no exception. The United States follows a federal legal system consisting of the constitution, federal law, and state law, so the business law in the US is mainly regulated by the laws of the states, and each state has its own regulations on businesses. However, in general, the basic provisions of business law of the states are roughly the same.

• Truong Law Firm with many years of experience in the field of legal advice on foreign investment and global citizenship, along with a network of highly qualified partners, Truong Law Firm will definitely be an outstanding professional advisor. resources for investors to perform the initial setup steps with legal services of a business such as:

– Business establishment and operation;

– Mergers and acquisitions;

– Contract drafting and negotiation;

– Business appraisal;

– Transaction design;

And can continue to accompany you throughout, support you in the management and operation, to have the most favorable business operations in the US.

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