A single note is a document mistakenly issued by the United States government that certifies the current single status of a U.S. citizen or Permanent Resident. In order to be able to apply for marriage registration with a Vietnamese citizen, it is mandatory to have a Single Certificate before you can register your marriage at the Department of Justice of a province/city in Vietnam.

Single notes can be obtained from the County Recorder’s Office of the county of residence or at Vital Statistics of the state of residence. It usually takes about 2 to 3 weeks to collect the documents and complete the Single Note. And that Ministry of Notes must be legalized by the Vietnamese Embassy in the US.


  1. Affidavit of Single Status: Bilingual Model
  2. Certificate of Non-marriage & Certificate of Non-record: Issued by the County Cleak or equivalent local U.S. agency, and then issued by the Secretary of State (Secretary). of State) attestation: certification that the litigant does not have a spouse starting from the age of marriage (male 20 years old, female 18 years old) or from the time of divorce or when the spouse died until now.
  3. Certificate of marital status issued by Vietnamese Embassy/Consulate General in the US to certify that overseas Vietnamese have never registered their marriage at the Embassy/Consulate General. For people who leave the country when they reach the marriageable age (male 20 years old, female 18 years old or older): Declare from the time of starting to settle in the US. For people leaving the country when they are not yet old enough to get married (men under 20 years old, women under 18 years old): Declare the time when they are old enough to get married (men from 20 years old, women from 18 years old).
  4. Application for Marriage Registration.
  5. Biographic Information Sheet: Bilingual template.
  6. Certificate of Good Mental Health (Certificate of Good Mental Health) issued by a doctor or a competent medical organization, certifying that the applicant currently does not have a mental illness or does not have another disease that cannot be accepted. Be aware and take control of your own behavior. The doctor’s signature must be certified by the Notary Public and the Subcommittee certifies the signature and authority of the Notary (Pre-martial Examination of Mental Health). Contact your doctor to get this certificate or you can add it when you return to Vietnam for marriage procedures.
  7. Certificate of non-inpedement to marriage.
  8. Copy of passport or green card (Greeh card).
  9. Judgment of divorce by the court (for the divorced): Must be certified by the Clerk of Court (Court Clear) or Judge (Judge) and certified by the Attorney General of the state office where the court is located. (for the seal, signature and authority of the Clerk of the Court or the Judge).
  10. Copy of death certificate (if spouse is deceased): Must be certified by the Registrar/Recorder…and certified by the State Attorney General (for seal, signature and authority of Registrar/Recorder…).
  11. Power of attorney, if you cannot return to Vietnam to submit the application and avoid wasting time waiting for the date of signing the marriage certificate in Vietnam, you need to make a power of attorney for your fiancé/fiance in Vietnam instead. submit the marriage registration papers at the Department of Justice of the province/city in Vietnam.


  • Documents mentioned in Sections 1, 4, 5, 7, 11 must be issued or authenticated within 06 months from the date of filing at the Department of Justice of Vietnam.
  • Documents signed by the Applicant (listed in items 1, 4, 5, 7, 11) and a copy of Passport or green card mentioned in item 8 must be certified by a local Notary Public and The State-Level Secretary of State attests the signature and authority of the Public Official.
  • If the documents in the file are notarized by the same notary, the involved party only needs to ask for a confirmation from the General Manager of the office for the signature and authority of that notary.


You can make a single note by yourself by filling out the required information in the form. Then sign in front of the notary public. The notary also needs a state document certifying the notary’s signature and rights. After completing, you send the dossier set with the necessary documents to the Vietnamese Consulate in the United States for legalization.

Single note must be made in the US. Particularly, US citizens can make a bachelor’s note in Vietnam by going to the US Consulate in Vietnam to take the oath of celibacy. In addition, US citizens also need to apply for a “Certificate of marital status” issued by the Vietnamese Consulate in the US.

For the case of US citizens who want to apply for a single note at the US Consulate in Vietnam, they need to support and guide to apply for a single note or the procedures to sponsor a spouse or fiancé. Please register for a consultation below or contact the hotline: 0988 792 023

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