The F4 visa is a sibling sponsorship. Only US Citizens can sponsor siblings. Permanent residents cannot sponsor siblings.

Can cousins sponsor F4?

  • Cousins cannot sponsor F4 status.

So how is the sibling relationship to be able to sponsor F4?

+ The sibling relationship is defined as follows:

  • Brothers and sisters born from the same father and mother;
  • Brothers and sisters with the same mother, not the same father;
  • Brothers and sisters of the same father, not the same mother;
  • Being siblings through adoption;
  • Siblings through stepparent’s child relationship.

To be able to apply for an F4 visa, you need to have proof of your sibling relationship.

How to prove that they are siblings?

  • The simplest way is to use birth certificates to prove that they have the same father, the same mother, or the same father, or the same mother. Because the birth certificate is the most concrete evidence to prove the sibling relationship, in the case of late registration of one of the two people, it means that the above information on birth registration is not reliable, then Immigration will require additional evidence to prove the sibling relationship.

You can also ask the Immigration Service for a DNA test to prove your sibling relationship.

In the case of the F4 visa – half-siblings and the father is not married to the mother, the father must prove that he has taken actions to recognize the paternity relationship with these two siblings. These recognition actions include:

  • Married to the mother before the child turned 18.
  • The child recognition procedure has been completed.
  • There are specific father-son actions such as raising, living, and communicating with each other.

Without the above actions, a paternity relationship with that sibling cannot be established and they will not be able to file a sibling petition.

In the case of an F4 petition – a sibling through adoption means that the sponsor or the sponsored person is an adopted child, there must be proof that the adoption took place before the sponsor or siblings (adopted children) who are 16 years old.

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