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  1. US Immigrant Program – What is the EB1C Immigrant Investor Visa?

US immigration program – EB1C immigrant investor visa is an immigrant visa that allows a restaurant in Vietnam to bring a senior manager/executive to the US to work at a branch business. Companies in the US are not required, so applying for a work permit can still hire employees from abroad.


The US company must have been operating for at least 1 year at the time of applying for the EB1C immigrant investor visa. And most importantly, the EB1C immigrant investor visa applicant to the US should hold the position of a senior manager/executive.


Conditions to participate in the US Immigrant Program:

To apply for an EB1C immigrant investor visa similar to an L1A visa, both require the applicant to come to the US to work as a senior manager/executive. The definition of senior manager/executive is the same for the EB1C immigrant investor visa and the L1 investor visa. However, the EB1C visa will consider this condition more carefully and comprehensively. To apply for an EB1C immigrant investor visa, supermarkets in the US will need to submit a guarantee for the applicant, individuals cannot apply for an EB1C immigrant visa on their own.


  1. US immigration program – Benefits of EB1C immigrant investor visa


  1. No work permit required


Most types of visa work require supermarkets in the US to have an approved work permit. . The purpose of this labor permit is to demonstrate that the US supermarket is eligible to employ foreign workers, after having attempted to recruit within the US. The EB1C application process will take longer because there is no need to apply for a work permit, and the recruitment process will be easier.


  1. Visa granted is immigrant visa


If the EB1C immigrant investor visa applicant is satisfied, the spouse and unmarried children under the age of 21 will also be accepted for a permanent green card.

  • Being settled in the US
  • Being able to travel easily between the US and Vietnam
  • Being legally employed in the US
  • Being able to go to American schools

III. U.S. Immigrant Program – EB1C Immigrant Investor Visa Application Process


Filing I-140


Petition I-140 is called an immigrant worker petition. The US company will be the sponsor and the visa applicant will be the sponsor. Attached to the Form I-140 are most of the documents that prove the restaurant and the applicant are eligible for the visa. The proof can be: tax certificate, business license, personnel chart, labor contract, financial statement etc. Applying for a


green card in the US or applying for an EB1C immigrant investor visa from Vietnam


The next step will be divided into 2 options, depending on the applicant’s case

  • Apply for a green card in the US

    If the applicant is in the US on an L1 investment visa, after one year of business operation, the applicant can apply Apply for an immigrant green card under the EB1C form if you meet the conditions.

    Applicants need to file Form I-485 for a green card to immigrate to the United States along with Form I-140.
  • Applying for an EB1C immigrant investor visa from Vietnam

    If the applicant is in Vietnam, then after the I-140 petition is approved, the next step will be the process of applying for an EB1C immigrant investor visa and consular interview. American restaurant in Vietnam. Applicants are required to complete the DS-260 form online, and then attend an interview with the Consulate. If the visa application and interview process is successful, the EB1C immigrant visa will be issued, after the applicant sets foot in the US, a few weeks later will receive a green card.


The EB1C Immigrant Investor Visa is the best option to settle down for senior managers/executives. Applicants for an EB1C immigrant investor visa can work in the US and settle down. In order for the EB1C application to be approved, the supermarket and the applicant should ensure that they have all the EB1C requirements. Although the conditions of the EB1C are the same as those of the L1 visa extension, the Immigration Department will consider the EB1C application more rigorously than the L1 application, because the EB1C is an immigrant application. 


  1. US Immigrant Program – Can use L1 visa to come to the US to work while processing the EB1C immigrant petition While


waiting for the I-140 petition to be processed for EB1C immigration, the applicant can file L1 visa application to come to the US to work for businesses in the US. Application for L1 visa will be extremely fast (about 2-6 weeks). Because the conditions for applying for an L1 visa are the same as that of an EB1C immigrant visa, applicants will be granted an L1 visa relatively easily if they are eligible for an EB1C immigrant visa.

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