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EB-1 Visa – Immigrate to the US according to the priority skilled worker category

EB-1 visa is a type of US immigration visa according to the non-priority skilled worker category Labor certification is required. There are 3 types of EB-1 visa for the following 3 subjects:

      EB-1A Visa: People with exceptional skills in the sciences, arts, education, and sports trade. Must have proof of talent/achievement by the local or international state.

      EB-1B Visa: Distinguished professor and researcher with at least 3 years of experience in teaching or research and internationally recognized.

      EB-1C Visa: Multinational managers or executives employed for at least 3 years prior to that by foreign affiliates, parent companies, subsidiaries, or affiliates of U.S. employers.

The EB-1 priority work visa accounts for 28.6% of the annual employment visa categories, so it rarely exceeds the number of distributions and is rarely stagnant.

EB-2 Visa – Immigrate to the US under the Skilled Professionals category with advanced degrees

This is the US immigrant visas under the skilled professionals with advanced degrees, must have a labor certificate approved by the US Department of Labor .

Subjects of EB-2 visa include:

      Highly qualified professionals are opened to work in the US

      Workers with special abilities are offered to work in the US

      Workers with special abilities or high qualifications will benefit the US nation


3category, or Visa under the Employment Sponsorship Category 3 – a concept that has existed for a long time in US immigration law, and is a way to get a green card when used correctly.

Employment sponsorship in the US immigration law is divided into several categories, with the Employment Sponsorship Type 3 (EB-3) Visa that will fund the following:

      Occupation requiring less than 02 years of training or experience (unskilled)

      At least 02 years of experience in the professional field (skilled workers)

      Hold a bachelor’s

application requirements EB-3 visa are summarized below:

Category Qualification
Skilled Worker Immigrant applicants need to demonstrate a minimum of 2 years of work or training experience .

• Immigrant candidates need to demonstrate the ability to work that skilled workers in the US currently do not have.

• Labor Certification and a full-time, permanent job offer.
Experts • Immigrant candidates need to demonstrate that they have a bachelor’s degree in the US or an equivalent international degree, and a bachelor’s degree is the minimum requirement for entry into the work force.

• Immigrant candidates need to demonstrate the ability to work that skilled workers in the US currently do not have.

• Experience and education are not a substitute for a bachelor’s degree.

• Labor Certification and a full-time, permanent job offer.
Unskilled labor (other unskilled labor) • At the time the representative applies on your behalf, the candidate needs to demonstrate the ability to work unskilled (requires no more than 2 years of training) or experience), do not fall into the category of temporary or seasonal workers, and skilled workers in the United States are not currently available. • Labor Certification and a full-time, permanent job offer.

Thus, the EB-3 job settlement can only be suitable for certain subjects such as university graduates, experts, skilled workers, etc. Because you must have documents to prove that you have experience experience or have been trained for at least 2 years in that field. Some positions also require the individual to have a US University degree or a university degree from any country of equivalent value. Most importantly, to be able to apply for this EB-3 US green card, you need to have a referral or a job guarantee from a reputable company, business or employer. in America.

EB-4 Visa – Immigrate to the United States under the Special Immigrant Skilled Stream

The EB-4 Visa is a US immigrant visa for special immigrants or religious workers.

Conditions to join the EB-4 Visa

      The applicant must be an Amerasian (son of an American soldier)

      No work certificate is required for some special immigration

      There is an exception for former employees at a US agency abroad

      Widower or widower, special immigrant and approved by FORM I-360.

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