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About us TRUONG LAW FIRM company is the market leader in US Visa, will help you complete the set of immigration documents for Immigrant Investor, spouse guarantee, personal guarantee:

  Instructions, filling out forms, processing documents according to the US Immigration Law (new law incorrectly filled in can be redone)

  Listen to how each case gets to know each other, helping to remove redundant and unreasonable details.

  Provide more than 20 ways to create more convincing, more convincing proof of relationship, in addition to the usual, mass ways such as taking pictures, phone bills…

  Closely follow the progress of the application with government officials, send mail, phone, as soon as the dossier shows signs of delay.

  Design the questionnaire for each case separately, not overlapping because each customer is a different story.

  Practice interviewing for customers, can be confident and comfortable, so that “Enter the interview – Get out with a visa”.

Why should I think my profile is real, stronger, but why did I fail my visa? For the American consul, the concept of real and fake is very difficult to distinguish, in a few minutes, are they your friends and relatives who know the truth or the fake? They base their decisions only on what they see, what they hear. And that IN LAW FIRM will help you.



What is an L1 Investment Visa?

L1 investment visa is a type of visa granted to senior managers/executives or employees who bring professional knowledge, to the US to work for a branch business or a subsidiary of a supermarket in Vietnam. . People who are transferred to the US to work are often owners of mandatory restaurants often referred to as investor visas. However, this visa can be issued to the company’s manager. 

There are 2 forms of L1 visa

  • L1-A for senior managers/executives who are transferred to work for a branch or subsidiary restaurant in the US, or come to the US for the purpose of opening a new office.
  • L1-B is for officers with specific skills or specialized knowledge.


Why go to the US with an L1 investment visa?

  • The time to apply for an L1 investment visa is fast, about 2-5 months, it takes about 2-6 weeks to get a visa (additional urgent fee for USCIS $2500)
  • Whole family (spouse and unmarried children under 21) age) can follow to live and enjoy benefits from the US including free high school education
  • L1 investment visa allows to stay in the US for a maximum of 7 years. L1-B is 5 years.
  • immigrant investor category EB1C. The issued green card will be a permanent green card. This is why it is mentioned that the L1 investment visa is an investment visa for the US green card.


Conditions for applying for an L1 investment visa

For businesses

  1.   The Vietnamese company and the American restaurant need to be one company, that is, the same owner or a group of people (shares must be at least 51%).
  2.   The Vietnamese company and the American company must be doing business.

For L1 investor visa applicants

  1.   Senior managers/executives or employees with specialized knowledge must have worked for a Vietnamese supermarket for at least 1 year in the 3 years prior to application.
  2.   This person coming to the US needs to work in the same position as a senior manager/executive or an officer with specialized knowledge.

What is a senior manager/executive?

  • Holding the position of manager of a restaurant or an important department in the company
  • Daily work is required by the nature of a senior manager/executive, such as planning business strategies, company policies . Have the right to hire people, change people. Planning advertising, marketing…
  • Manage/operate at least 2 classes of employees.

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