What is an I-20?

What is an I-20?

I-20 is a certificate from the university applying for admission to the US Citizenship and Immigration Services or the US Consulate, certifying that you are recognized as a student of the school, have been accepted until the end of the school year. program and enrolled full-time for each course each year.

Form I-20 is a required visa application. You must sign the I-20 form before submitting it to the Embassy or Consulate or Immigration. Your signature is an agreement between you and the university to comply with school rules and consent to the school providing relevant data and information about you and the Immigration Service. Once the I-20 form is approved, the first page of the I-20 form will be sent and kept by the USCIS, you will keep the second page called Student ID Copy (see carefully the dates in section a). ) of the I-20 form, you must arrive in the United States and present to your school by that date. Otherwise you will have to get a letter from the school explaining the delay or you will have to wait until the next term to be admitted (but you will need to apply for a different I-20).

When applying for admission to the United States, you must file a Form I-20 along with an I-94 immigration form.

While living in the United States, the I-20 form will be used to notify the USCIS when you change schools or want to extend your program of study, and may need it to apply to return to work as a self-employed person. student or other interests.

The I-20 is therefore a very important document and should be handled with care.

A typical application file includes the following documents:

  • Application form.
  • Transcripts for recent years (at least the last 2 years).
  • Certificate of English (some universities or colleges may require students to take a test or write an essay to determine English proficiency in lieu of TOEFL).
  • Some schools may require additional information about the student’s financial status or financial situation.

These documents are sent to the admissions department of the school. If you are accepted, the school will send you an invitation letter and I-20. You will need these documents and some other documents (eg service fee bill, family financial records …) to apply for a visa.

Once you have received the I-20 from the school, you will have to prepare for the visa application and student visa interview with the US embassy. When applying for a visa, you need to pay SEVIS fee and interview fee to the US embassy.

During the interview, after asking questions and hearing your answers, the US Embassy will immediately notify you of the visa interview results.

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